Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few days ago, a couple of my classmates classified me as the worst roommate, that they could have in Vancouver. Well I ain’t a chatty guy at the first time, but I like to share a good conversation with my friends.

Maybe I look like a moody guy, but I was really easy going years ago, before a close friend of mine confessed that he was in love with me, the fact freaked me out, since then I prefer women instead of men roomies.

I have good reasons to choose a female roommate:

I’d like to share a place with girl, I think it’s better to wake up and see a beautiful face instead a face of my hangover friend.
Girls smell pretty good and many of them are tidy, they are always wearing perfume or creams with herbal or fruit essences, and some guys are always smoking or drinking beer, well I like beer but not in breakfast.
Their guests are always welcome, they have a lot of friends and we could have a pretty good parties.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What would you do if you won $10,000,000 ?

Nowadays people have changed their opinion. In the last century a million would be enough to make somebody happy, but an extra cero is always better!!

This is my chance Let me start with my thoughts:

First I would set stacks in my bedroom just to see how the bills look together,

I would sleep over them to make my weird dream of having "the most expensive bed in the world" true.

In the next morning it would be in the bank while my searching of investments begins. I would found a new institute of charity because I want to be sure that my money is allocated to make good actions like: foodbanks, accomodation and schools to give the best education to poor children.

I would lose my head with this unbelievable quantity of money, maybe I would travel around the world with my family and best friends and my teacher. Why not? I am just dreaming away!!

After that I would buy business like Hotels and Restaurants in the most famous touristic places in the world (including Vancouver).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nowadays high school graduated students are dealing with three big questions:

1. Which is the best profession for me?
2. Who is going to give me a chance to get working experience?
3. How can I make it great?

We know that traditional education system needs to be redesigned because the worldwide economy is always changing and professionals must have the solution in their brains not in their bank accounts.

I would be a great idea to create a College with the brilliant Chairmen from the most important enterprises in your country, those who would want to share all their experience and knowledge in Business Management and Tecnology.

All courses would be developed to give the students a clear vision of the economical requirements and skills needed in their comunities.

In the first year all students will be able to choose the best profession for them, based in their skills, expectations and why not? their hobbies.

In the second year the educational program will include two options:

A) Cooperating in a proyect: those students who want to get work experience like a first step can play a part in a project with the third year students.

B) All students have the opportunity to develop their own project and the professors will guide them to achieve all their objetives.